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Certified Coding Specialist (CCS®) Exam Update for November Candidates in the UAE and India

The Commission on Certification for Health Informatics and Information Management (CCHIIM) is temporarily suspending administration of the Certified Coding Specialist (CCS) examination in the UAE and India for the November 2017 exam window. This action has been taken due to concerns over exam security.

As a result, you CCS exam appointment, scheduled for November 2017 in UAE or India, has been canceled. AHIMA apologizes for this inconvenience. We are working to reopen the CCS exam in UAE and India for an April 2018 exam window, with registration opening January 2018.

Please note all other AHIMA exams in the UAE and India and all exams in other countries have not been affected and examinations are moving forward.

What are your options?

  1. Take advantage of the AWC special offer to take either the CCA or CCS-P exam in November 2017 at 50% off the cost of your selected exam. The good news is your preparation for the CCS exam has prepared you to take either the CCA or CCS-P.

Submit your request (must be accompanied by CCA or CCS-P exam application linked below) via e-mail to info@ahima.org and write “Jannette-CCS 2017” in the subject line to prioritize your request.

Download the CCA Exam Application

Download the CCS-P Exam Application

  1. Request a full refund for your cancelled CCS exam by sending a request by e-mail to info@ahima.org. Please write  “Jannette-CCS 2017” in the subject line to prioritize your request.

Please note, you do not have to take two exams (CCA or CCS-P and CCS) in option 1 above. You can take one exam, two exams (the CCA or CCS-P and the CCS), or receive a full refund.

Additionally, as a courtesy to you for this inconvenience, whichever option you choose, you are eligible to take the CCS exam at 50% off the exam cost in April 2018. Registration for the CCS exam is scheduled to open in January 2018.

Again, thank you for your interest, and we apologies for the inconvenience.

Please continue to watch this page for updates.