Healthcare Providers

AHIMA World Congress Organizational Membership

“Trained by AHIMA” Recognition for Achievement of Excellence  on AHIMA Core Competencies

Benefits of Organizational Membership Include:

  • Annual membership, renewable based on training and evaluation
  • Customized pricing based on organization’s size and the number of employees trained
  • Ability to progress to advanced levels of excellence based on annual assessment of the quality of organization’s healthcare information and the number of employees trained
  • Program is available outside the US to organizations only;
  • not available to individuals

Healthcare Providers

AHIMA Core Competencies (selected by organization, based on need)

  • Medical Coding
  • CDI
  • Health Data Analytics
  • Health Informatics
  • Health Privacy and Security

The program includes the following exclusive terms and benefits.

Assessment, Development, Training, and Validation 

  • Recognition of Organizational Competency:  Formal recognition and validation of organization achieving the highest levels of competency in each of the following areas: medical coding, clinical documentation improvement, health data analytics, health informatics and health privacy & security.  (Annual validation required)
  • AWARD: Online/digital seal acknowledging “Trained by AHIMA,” displaying level of excellence in Core Competency. Seal can be displayed online on company website and profiles. Organization will also be recognized on the AHIMA World Congress website, the annual AHIMA convention, and the annual AHIMA World Congress summit. (Annual validation required)
  • Initial Assessment: On-site assessment of workforce readiness in selected core competencies to identify, recommend, design and deliver customized AHIMA training based on health information practice guidelines. Assessment includes analyses of samples of the organization’s medical coding, clinical documentation, and analytics work, as well as interviews (some conducted on-site) with management, customers, and employees.
  • On-Site Training: Provided at member’s site for initial minimum group of 25+ employees per core competency (scalable and customizable),
  • Post-Training Assessment and Consultation:   Post-training assessment and consultation provided at member’s site on the organization’s implementation of practice guidelines. Includes formal report of competency level achieved, characterization of organizational capacity and capabilities and recommendations/goals for achieving the next level in the following year.
  • Duration:  The Core Competency Pre-Assessment, On-Site Training and Post-Training Assessment, Consultation and Report – one (1) week at member’s site for assessment, best practices training and goal setting.
  • Validation of Organizational Competency Levels (after the initial year):  On-site validation of competency level organization achieved based on selected domain-specific criteria and objectives
  • Organizational Member Recognition/Display  at AHIMA Annual Conference in USA (each year of the membership)
  • Organizational Member Recognition/Display at Annual AHIMA World Congress Middle East Healthcare Information Summit in UAE
  • Organizational Member Recognition on AHIMA World Congress website  and within a membership directory (point of organizational reference)

Exclusive Benefits to Organizational Members

AHIMA Certifications, Preparation and Examinations 

  • Member employees can take each certification exam with two (2) attempts. No minimum number of employees required.
  • Certification Exam proctor provided at member’s request for group examination (__ people) at the member secure location (paper forms)
  • discount to organization’s employees on AHIMA, AWC Chapter, or online certification exam preparation and CEU trainings (groups only).

Train the Trainers benefits to Organizational Member

  • Annual training and support to member’s internal trainers (exclusive to Organizational Membership)
  • Annual boot camp—train the trainers (in country)
  • Quarterly updates and training customization per member’s needs
  • AHIMA World Congress recognition of trained trainers

Internal Training and AHIMA Books

  • 30% discount on any AHIMA World Congress custom training and consultation for the organizational member
  • Free delivery and discount on AHIMA books; shipped in bulk to the member

To Join, Contact Alexandre Bouché at +1 (703) 856-7999 or